Untitled-3Hi, thanks for coming by! My name is Herman Lundquist and I’ve been a middle-school teacher for 20 years. I have some of the greatest students in the world and also some pretty good fellow teachers to work with, too. My wife of 15 years is also a teacher at the same school. It works out great since we can carpool and have no trouble getting together for lunch like some couples who hardly get to see each other most of the time. We’re devoted to the kids we teach, but even more devoted to our four kids.. Joe is 12, Karla is 10, Emily is 7, and little Kevin is only 3. He’s quite the handful, but the older kids help out a lot with him. When we’re home, we dote on him, too, because he’s just so cute. When I’m not teaching or hanging out with the family, I spend most of my time writing. If you love art, here are some articles I think you might like. If you do or if you have any questions, please message me. I promise to get right back to you.